Monday, May 18, 2009

Every Earth

Cyn Kitchen is a finalist in a writing contest!

I've been reading Cyn's blog for over two years. I twice nominated her posts for The Perfect Post award. There is a visceral element to her writing. Whether she is telling the story of her stint as a coffee shop owner or a mother's night out with the MAPS (Mothers Against Preschoolers) or about the impact of a life, she writes with such oomph that I can almost hear that exhalation of breath that comes with a strong effort. Laughing or crying, I am always moved.

Her story that made the finals in the storySouth Million Writers Award is called "Every Earth is Fit for Burial." I encourage you to read the story of her story at her blog, The Cynical Kitchen... and then go vote for her story!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you linked to her! I used to read her and somehow lost touch with her blog...I think she's an INCREDIBLE writer. I'm off to read her story.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Good for her.

Mel said...

Very cool..and VERY good read.

Honestly--I really enjoyed it!
Thanks for sharing it with us!!