Sunday, May 03, 2009

Because I am completely unoriginal…

I hopped in on the meme Beck and Subspace Beacon just did.


But then, because my computer wacked out when I was trying to register my MS Word 2007 to post to my blog, I lost the entire post.


Well, not really the entire post. MS Word 2007 DID autosave and so I give you what is left of my post because I am supposed to be at church in 28 minutes and I haven't even had a shower yet and if I don't post this now I'll probably never post it (BREATHE). Oh heck, I'll shower later, here's the entire list.

Eight Things I'm Looking Forward To:

  1. The end of my school semester.
  2. The end of the kids' school year.
  3. Reading a book for fun.
  4. Going away later today to a hotel so that I can get some homework done.
  5. Seeing X-Men Origins: Wolverine (I don't care if the reviews were lukewarm.)
  6. The end of my school semester.
  7. The end of my school semester. (Definitely worth three things worth of looking forward tos.)

Eight Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Tutored a middle school student
  2. Rewatched parts of Quantum of Solace (to catch parts of the story I missed. Pinky swear!)
  3. Went to this restaurant…
  4. To listen to my friends perform songs for their CD release party
  5. NOT laundry
  6. NOT clean house
  7. Wasted time on the internet
  8. Listen to a bevy of 25 to 35 year olds bemoan "how old they are getting" and laughed, with bitter irony, at the thought. Ha! Just wait until they are in their mid-40s!\


Eight Things I Wish I Could Do:


  1. Juggle
  2. Play an instrument
  3. Speak a foreign language
  4. Read all the books in the world that I think I should read
  5. Do a cartwheel
  6. Have a dog (except that I learned yesterday there is a faction of the animal rights movement that thinks that no sentient being should be "owned" and if they ever convince enough people to their way of thinking I'll never be able to enslave a dog again!)
  7. Live in a fictional small town where everyone knows my name and there is one central gathering spot but I still would have access to all the movie theaters, bookstores, etc. that I wanted without having to drive for three hours.
  8. Go to Ireland.


Eight Shows I Watch:

  1. Bones
  2. House
  3. Lost
  4. Masterpiece Theatre Classic
  5. The Bonnie Hunt Show
  6. Castle (It better not be getting canceled so soon!)
  7. Malcolm in the Middle reruns
  8. Top Gear (What can I say, funny guys with British accents! Who cares about the cars!)

I tag:

Long lost blogger: Chickenone

Major book blogger: TerriB

Um, that's it, I guess. Unless you just want to do this. Then go ahead, please.

Until tomorrow, when I do some bread baking.


John Ross said...

Not really about this a.m.s post.

I can't trust the time line/ recent post date thing on my "blogs I read" on my blog. OR this a.m.s running of Crap Cleaner(that's it's real name) fixed issues i didn't know existed.

See, According to the most recent post part of my blogs's listing there had been no posts on LUE since about a month or so ago. Obviously, that was not, in fact the case.

Glad you're "back", Ireland - yes. Opposite kids - yup.

Anonymous said...

I would love to speak foreign languages! 12 years of french lessons in public school have made me believe that my brain is not wired for multi-lingualism. Someone needs to invent a universal translator (a la Trek) ASAP.

If you find that fictional small town, let me know. I'll be your neighbour.

Mel said...

Oh, a hotel to get studies done is a wonderful option--and I'm glad it's one you snagged.

As for juggling--start with scarves and work your way up! :-)

Beck said...

I've taken French, Ojibway and Latin in my life. I only retain bits and peices, though.

I want to move to that small town with you! AWESOME.

poppy fields said...

We are just getting dubbed in French Malcom in the Middle shows and we love them. For some reason, my girls especially love Dewey, the youngest brother...

Mel said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, Mary-Lue....blessings to you and yours.