Sunday, April 19, 2009

A little gibberish...

Well, my most respected fellow blogger, Mel, left me a hint that it was time to get back to blogging. Lent was over a week ago.

I have no eloquent first-post-after-Lent prepared. It's late on Sunday evening. Little Dorrit is on the telly. Mr. Dorrit just told Amy that she couldn't go back to England with him because she wasn't yet presentable. I want to smack that man upside of his head! Poor Amy.

There were so many moments during Lent that I had things I wanted to blog about but now I don't remember them. Of course.

Except for the bit about chimpanzees.

(This may get a little too gruesome for some...)

I've developed something of a thing about chimpanzees. After that woman was attacked in Connecticut, I watched an interview with a couple who had suffered a similar attack in California a few years previous. The man lost the use of his hands and now wears a prosthetic nose. I later read that the woman in Connecticut had lost her hands and that her face was, um, completely disfigured.

So, I put one case together with another case and figured that this is what chimpanzees do when they attack. They destroy your face and hands. I don't even want to look at a chimpanzee now. What a horrible thing to happen to someone.


Life has been busy, busy, busy. I wish that I had pressed myself to focus more on the spiritual during Lent. I guess it was still something that I stuck to my decision not to blog or use Facebook or Twitter. I think I still missed out, though.

I've been interning at the local community college and really enjoying it. I've learned quite a bit, about teaching and being in a professional work environment. I hope to do some more work there next semester.

(Oh gosh. Little Dorrit is killing me. Mr. Dorrit is completely loony about any connections to his past. He doesn't know what to do with himself. Poor John Chivery is still sick with love for Amy. Oh, I hope this all has a happy ending.)

Well, I needed to get something down. Sorry it was so random and bizarre. Tomorrow I hope for a proper Sleeping with Bread post.


Anonymous said...

I get freaked when they show chimps wearing diapers. Uh. I've got the heebie-jeebies as I type.

Depending on how my day goes tomorrow, I'm aiming to bake some bread. Figuratively speaking. Is the deadline of Monday flexible?

poppy fields said...

Okay, now I don't like chimps either. Ewww, you're right.
I have a sister finishing college this year and she is thinking about getting into teaching, maybe college level. Somehow, she reminds me of you.

Mel said...

k..... Never been particularly fond of chimpanzees before--now I'm REALLY not fond of 'em.

I'll stick with giraffes and penguins! :-)

And gosh....I thought himself was the only one following Little Dorrit....and that was because of his English-ness.
Not being a television fan, I just pat his little head and smile on occasion. LOL But he's laughing and seeming to enjoy--so that's a good thing. I think......

'Bout time! LOL I was starting to wonder if your calendar was different to mine! ;-)

(welcome back, welcome back, welcome BACK!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, ugh. Living in CT, it's been a real effort to avoid the chimp story.

Hah, I'm working a bread post. It's not exactly "sleeping with bread," but...well, you'll see. If I can get it done while the kids are on school vacation.

Nice to have you back.

ashley said...

That analysis of chimp attacks is disturbing, very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! :) We missed you.

evenshine said...

Hear hear! Good to have you back. Not sure why you sleep with bread, but hey, whatever floats your boat.
Welcome back!

Beck said...

Chimps are complete freaking jerks. For fun - for kicks! - they shake sloths out of trees and rip them apart. While LAUGHING. i don't know why anyone ever decided they're cute.
Animals. Yuck.