Monday, October 20, 2008

Sleeping with Bread: with Gratitude and a Little Less Whining than Usual (Just a Wee Bit Less!)

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling so fragmented.  I could almost close my eyes and see reflections of myself in a million pieces of broken mirror.

Last week, I couldn't even pull myself up out of my physical misery to explore the consolations I knew were there.

This week? I am better.  Much better.

Oh, I am still feeling fragmented, but not to the same extent.  And the consolations I asked my blog friends to provide for me?  Just awesome.  From appreciating that I have no children in diapers (and that I am not yet in them) to a lovely anonymous comment about my ability to self-reflect and everything in between.  It was so uplifting and, yes, consoling.  Thanks everyone!

My only real issue with Sleeping with Bread this week is how late it is.  Mondays, for this semester at least, are marathon days.  I spend the day reading, writing theory to practice cards, scrambling to create a lesson plan for tutoring... and THEN I go to tutor for an hour before sitting through 2 1/2 hours of lecture and discussion.

Are you tired?  'Cuz that makes me tired just writing it!  Still, I persevere.  I will keep it simple, though.

In the last week, what am I most grateful for?

  • You guys!  Thanks for reading my angsty posts and writing nice things in my comments.
  • Marley.  For the last few months Paul and I are just amazed at how she is growing up.  She was soooo happy making those cakes.  That happiness is just typical of how excited she gets about so many things, friends, fabric painting shirts, making fondant icing, doing gymnastics, the Naked Brothers Band show.  The list goes on.
  • The rest of the fam.  I am fortunate that I have the family I do.  And we are all well and healthy. I am very grateful for that.
  • No migraines!  
  • Sleeping with Bread.  The meme is going well.  We are getting a few contributers each week and it seems like new people are finding it.
  • A new due date on a paper.  My online class professor changed a due date from this Wednesday the 22nd to Sunday, the 26th.  Paul is out of town, there is a chili dinner fundraiser this week for Marley's class and I have done hardly any reading for the paper.  Thank you Dr. 505!
  • Life on Mars.  Love that show!
  • My bed.  I'm sitting on it as I type this and I am sooooo looking forward to going to bed and sleeping tonight.

In the last week, what have I been least grateful for?

Wow... I am actually having a hard time thinking of stuff.  Let's see.  I guess it is just the usual.  I'm not eating right, exercising, or sleeping like I should.  Same broken record.  But right now, that's pretty much it.

I guess I have something else to be grateful for.

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Mel said...

Oh, I'm thrilled more folks are stumbling on to the examen and joining in!

And I'm thrilled for the lack of 'least grateful for's'....that's such a good thing to hear.
And I'm such a whiner.....LOL

YEAH for comfy beds and changed dates on coming due papers.

Rest, ma'am.
And enjoy!

John Ross said...

You a very busy woman.

Hang in there, have a good week.

Muthering Heights said...

Focusing on gratitude is so important. Thanks for sharing!

Aliki2006 said...

Hey! I love Life on Mars, too! Did you watch the BBC version before the American one?

Elizabeth said...

Okay, just reading about your Monday makes me tired! Thank you for hosting SWB, with all the other stuff you do. I am grateful for YOU!

Anonymous said...

Ack, that's so encouraging to hear about you emerging from the depths of "fragmentation" even just a little bit. I'm so there right now in my own way. Keep the light on...

Lamont said...

1. Love being a part of this meme - it is life giving to me.

2. Watched the BBC original - life on mars about a month ago...WATCHED EVERY EPISODE IN 3 DAYS!

3. Feeling fragmented too - but happy.


Anonymous said...

My 'rents just left -- they've been visiting for a few days. I thought it made for a hectic week -- but I think you still do more in one day than I do in the entire week!

But I'm hoping THIS upcoming Monday is the day I get it together enough to do SWB. Fingers crossed.