Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I have no idea what to write about...

...but I have a little time on my hands and nothing due tomorrow. (Whoopee!)

The last couple of days I've seen this woman. She is sooooooo tan that she looks abnormal. Do you remember the butter tan from Seinfeld? Kramer starts using butter to tan with and he gets so brown and toasty and Newman hallucinates that he's a giant roast chicken.

Well, she looks like that except without the golden hue. She cold give George Hamilton a run for his money.

Actually, she looks darker than this picture.

I just don't understand the appeal of being that tan.

Of course, she could be somewhere right now typing a post about this woman she's seen the last two days with wet hair, a shirt that doesn't fit, and no makeup. She might be typing right now that she doesn't understand how someone could let themselves go out in public looking like that.

That would be ironic, wouldn't it?


chickenone said...

I'm paying for the sins and vanity of my youth - I was that tan girl for 20 years and now I'm rubbing magic serum on my face to erase the evidence!

I just thinking today that this is one example (of many) when I really should have listened to my dad.

I just ordered the kids rash guards :)

EnnuiHerself said...

Could be worse . . . she could be scary oompa-loompa orange. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh. A Tanorexic. She looks in the mirror and doesn't see that orange tint, but thinks "I'm deathly pale! I look ill! Screw skin cancer I needs a tan!"

Dawn said...

When I worked in care homes in college as a CNA I saw how the skin would just start falling off (literally) the ends of people's noses from sun damage. (All the 90-year olds had bandaids on their noses) Yeah, I started using sunscreen then, but too late. Pale is the new tan!