Monday, October 22, 2007

So much life, so lttle time to blog...

Life has been busy. This news is no surprise as I've been droning on and on about it for weeks and weeks.

It's good, but it doesn't allow for much bloggy relationship building.

So, here are a few bullet points:

Izzy the Incredible just did a blog makeover for me at my family blog: So Cal Cinema. Check it out when you have a chance. It is very retro and fun and just my style.

While I still have a lot to do for school, my first ginormous paper is turned in. I don't know what grade I'll get, but I'm getting to the point where an assignment is not inducing quite so much intestinal distress. I'm proud of the preparation and work I did on the paper and I hope the teacher appreciates it, too!

There's been no time to bake up a Sleeping with Bread post, but I did make a cake from a mix and my daughter says I am the best cook ever. (Oh! How low the standards of a seven year-old!)

I'd love to start a series based on my Surprised by Waltzing post. I got the idea after watching Superman: Doomsday with Marley. (Slightly inappropriate at times, I have to say.) In the special features of this recently released animated movie, the decision to kill Superman in the comics and how they brought him back to life elicited that feeling of joy in me which I described in the waltzing post. The community of the team working on it moved me. The emotional involvement the artists and writers still feel is incredible. There are a couple of occasions where they are moved to tears as they describe scenes from the comics. Tears formed in my own eyes as I watched. You never can tell when joy is going to jump up and get your attention.

As if there were any need to confirm my geek status, I watched Transformers the Movie... and of course, I loved it. Optimus Prime is the coolest AutoBot ever!

Fires are raging -- all around us here in So Cal. We are literally ringed with fires to the North, South and West of us... probably to the East as well but I'd have to look it up to be exact. There are other parts of the country where you experience the smell of fire entwined completely with the air and ash adrift on the wind. I don't know how many places, though, experience this once to twice a year. This is a particularly bad batch of fires. At least one area is burning thanks to the sick minds of one or more arsonists. This is also the first time that I know someone who had to evacuate. Fortunately it was just for a few hours. The wind was so fierce last night that we lost a portion of the fence and some shades. A neighbor lost a tree. People are encouraged to stay inside and use the recirculate function on their air conditioning units.

It is definitely Fall in So Cal.


Ann said...

I just stumbled on your blog. I also am 42 and have 2 kids (ages 18 and 14), am Christian, and have a lot of the same interests as you do- My older son got very interested in the Hitchhiker's Guide a couple of years husband got addicted to Firefly and Heroes and we both watch Battlestar Galactica (the new one)...I also hate John Lennon's "Imagine". In fact, I don't like Lennon but I like Paul's songs much, much more. Lennon was overrated. I will come back and visit your blog again. Mine is


edj said...

I'm glad the fires are not near you. I know of several who have had to evacuate.

edj said...

I'm glad the fires are not near you. I know of several who have had to evacuate.

Beck said...

It sounds AWFUL there right now - I hope all of the fires are brought under control TODAY. And I'm glad you're safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

Great idea for your series.

Good to hear from you.

liv said...

Oh, the fires have been on my mind. I remember driving through Mesa Verde after it had been torched and it was just awful. Really. Prayers to all who are in danger.

Julie Pippert said...

I have been so worried about my So Cal friends.

It's so good to hear from you.

I hope the fires end soon.

Hang in there on all fronts and will go see your new look. I bet it's fab!

Using My Words

EnnuiHerself said...

I have a totally unnatural crush on Optimus Prime (human-robot/car love is forbidden love).

I didn't even realize that you were near the fires (geography is lost one me). Please stay safe!

Lindsey said...

It's so hard to belive that someone would WANT to cause grief and harm to others like this. Stay safe please!!

daisies said...

so glad to hear you are safe from the fires honey ... thinking of you, please stay safe! xox

i just watched transformers last night, soooo good : ) tee hee