Saturday, December 02, 2006

Too Tired, Too Hungry, Too Much Christmas Anticipation

One of the reasons above is probably why the following conversation took place tonight with my six-year old daughter after picking her up from a early evening play date with a friend:

In response to the news that there was a surprise waiting for her and Colin in the living room that is for Christmas but is too big to put under the tree.

6-Year Old: Is mine pink and Colin's blue?

Tired Mom: No, they're both green.

6YO: But I don't like green!

TM: You'll like this, I promise.

6YO: But I don't like green!

TM: Do you want me to give it to someone else?

6YO: No! But I don't like green!

TM: You'll like this!

6YO: I want a TV for Christmas! Colin got one once. I never got anything like that for Christmas. All I got is a Violet doll and her hair is all messy. I want a TV!

TM: Marley, you got a bike once. That is a big present.

6YO: YOU bought me that after Christmas.

TM: Well, right after Christmas because someone sent money for me to buy it for you.

6YO: I never get a TV for Christmas! Colin does! I don't ever get to see M or the Z's except on Sunday! (Why the whiplash change in subject, I don't know. It should be noted that we are on our way home from M's house and spent the evening last night at the Z's.)

TM: Do you want some clues to what your present is?

6YO: Yeah.

TM: It's soft and squishy.

6YO: A pillow?

TM: No.

6YO: A blanket?

TM: No.

6YO: I need another clue.

TM: It has a zipper.

6YO: A blanket and a pillow?

TM: No.

6YO: I need another clue.

TM: You can use it while you are watching TV.

6YO: Another pillow?

TM: No.


TM: Do you want another clue?

6YO: Yes.

TM: It's a piece of furniture.

6YO: Is it a green, squishy, soft table?

TM: No.

6YO: I don't know what it is.

TM: Well, we're almost home. You'll see then.

6YO: I don't ever want to go to school again! I hate school! Ashley grabbed my arm and kept saying, "Stop hitting yourself Marley. Stop hitting yourself." I hate when people do that to me! Colin does that to me! I hate Colin! I wish he weren't in this family! I want him to be in the Z family so it will be three boys and three girls! (Note another random and rapid-fire change in subject.)


We drive by high school football game where her brother is.

TM: Can you see everyone at the game?

6YO: Yeah. Did we used to go there when I was little?

TM: Yes. We went there to watch J & J play football.

6YO: Can we go to another game sometime Mommy? A football game for Colin's high school? Will you go, too Mommy? I haven't got to go to a game since I was little.

I am answering yes to all these questions.

6YO: Do we still have our Frosty the Snowman movie?

TM: I don't know. Probably. We'll have to look for it.

6YO: But do we still have it?

TM: I don't know. Probably. We'll have to look for it.

6YO: Did it get thrown away?

TM: I don't know. We'll look for it when we get home. Do you remember if it is a tape or a DVD?

6YO: I think it is a tape.

TM: Okay. If we can find it, you can watch it in the bonus room.


I hate DirecTV! I wish we didn't have DirecTV! I want our old TV back!

Presumably, DirecTV and Frosty the Snowman are somehow connected.

TM: Marley, if we didn't have DirecTV, you wouldn't be able to watch Nick Jr.


TM: No. DirecTV allows us to have Nick Jr.

6YO: No! It doesn't!

We get home. She races to the front door.

TM: There is one big one and one smaller one.

6YO: Which one is for me.?

TM: The smaller one.

Opens the door. Sees two big green bean bag chairs. I point out which is hers. She jumps on it.

6YO: Why do I have the small one? Why can't I have the big one?

TM: Because Colin is way bigger than you.


6YO: Can I watch TV?

TM: Yes!

A temporary peace reigns as she enjoys the GREEN bean bag chair,
holding her favorite guinea pig while watching Nick Jr. on DIRECTV.


Anonymous said...

I am laughing with you, memory of those kind of conversations :)

Anonymous said...

See, this is why I have cats. :P

Pendullum said...

Something goes bang in their universe...
and we pay with the sattelite crashing into our rational lives...
I had the same type of fight/discussion with my daughter about a black down jacket ...

Anonymous said...


I hope it's okay to laugh, b/c I promise it is with you.

Boy isn't that motherhood right there, sewn up in one conversation.

Next time my SIL asks whether she ought to have kids, can I cut and paste and send this to her?

Mary-LUE said...

Julie, Please feel free to use this post as a public service announcement! ;)

Becky said...

Boy oh boy, I recognize those "whiplash" subject changes. And I was hoping the completely irrational inability to listen to reason would vanish by age 5. :( Sadly, I know that my kid gets that from ME. (But I distinctly remember being RIGHT when I refused to listen to my parents.)

Sheila said...

Yes, it's conversations like these when kids are 5 and 6 and 7 that lead to parents not talking to their teenagers. Because we've given up talking to our kids because it hurts our heads too much. Because after conversations like this, you just want to bang your head against the wall. I have a 7 year old girl. I know.

Parenting isn't for whimps, that's for darn sure. Hang in there!

blackdaisies said...

lol ... its a nice record of a conversation that you can show her when she is older ;-)

great beanbags :)

edj said...

sweet picture. Aren't we thankful for those temporary respites? :)