Sunday, May 02, 2010

Chutes and Ladders

Right now my life feels a little bit like that game of chutes and ladders. One day, I find myself flying down a chute to some new destination. I have to reorient myself to my new locale and then move on. Another day, I may be looking at the bottom rung of a ladder, facing a long climb up to the top. Now, I am not sure that I remember which one of those scenarios is better in the game: down the chute or up the ladder. I just know that life seems like quite an adventure these days, for all that it might seem mundane to an outsider's eyes.


Jessi said...

At first glance, everybody thinks that climbing the ladders is best because of course, they get you that much closer to winning.

The awesomely metaphorical and literal reality is that often times, sliding down a chute puts you back to begin with, but can also line you up for an even bigger ladder that will cause you to ultimately win!

Beck said...

Someone said to me the other day that so many THINGS happen in my life, to which I was like "HUH? MY LIFE IS SUPER BORING."
It all depends on your persepective.

I think you're living through an exciting adventure right now, and also that you are very, very brave.

Mel said...

I LOVE Chutes and Ladders!

I have an 'altered' version that gets played with some adults. It's great fun--gets some real issues out on the table and some hard truths worked through.

I think I agree with Beck--perspective is everything here. If I look up, it looks like a whole lot of work to get to that moment of swooshing to the bottom. If I look down it looks a bit scary to LET GO.

Thinkin' both are worth it, frankly......
LOL Not being wishy-washy....just being ME! :-)

Tara Lamont said...

Miss you Mary Lue!