Monday, February 02, 2009

Sleeping with Bread: Gripz

Gripz are tiny little crackers or cookies... it is 6:32 a.m. and I have a long day ahead of me. I've missed a few rounds of Sleeping with Bread so today I'm keeping it small. After all, teeny, tiny crackers are better than no crackers, right?

Yummy Gripz:

Loving my internship
Hugs from Marley
Paul cleaned our bedroom!
Smooth sailing with Colin (I've probably jinxed it, now!)
Walking (2 times a week)
Babies in the nursery
Friends checking in
New small group from church
Pirouette cookies
Doctor who listens
My chiropracter and his staff are awesome
My friend and his wife are expecting a baby!!!

Stale Gripz:

Needing to go to the doctor
Shouldn't be eating Piroutee cookies
Research and Methodology
Not walking 2 more times a week
Colin has a cold
Too busy to do much more than maintain relationships on Facebook
Anxiety from school being overwhelming
Paul traveling
Someone who is watching over my shoulder as I type this feeling very needy

Getting a Gripz on it all:

I have been doing better the last few weeks. Some accountability, perseverance, taking it one day--sometimes one hour--at a time, some insights from Scripture. If I cannot make everything I want to go away, go away, I can at least try to keep myself on an even keel, which, I realize is not staying with my snack-themed metaphor! I have 15 weeks left to my semester. 15 weeks. There is nothing to do but wade through it all and my stomach seizes up even as I type this. Keeping up with walking, keeping up with friends, keeping up with my spiritual exercises, making time for my family, succeeding at school... it is going to be hard. However, as one of my students has named his blog... It Could Be Worse. I need to remember that. And sometimes, that knowledge comes crashing down on me, such as when I read this weekend about the family that lost their young daughter to cancer or when I read a book about the Vietnam War and consider all that soldiers in war go through. I am fortunate. I am rich with blessings. Thank you, Lord.


AJU5's Mom said...

15 weeks - that is 105 days. I think you can make it! Don't forget to take the time for fun that you need, and the 15 weeks will fly by!

Shari said...

Yes! You WILL do it. It's "only" 15 weeks. I say that because I've been having to talk myself through persevering. I heard someone say the other day that we can make it through any difficult period, if there's an end in sight. You're doing good.

And the tiny crackers analogy. Perfect. I went to bed last night after reading some Scripture (little crackers, but still, I did it), and was thinking (or maybe hearing from God) that I just need to do little bits of what I need to do every day, and eventually it may turn into big bits. But I don't need to worry about tackling every big thing right now and making it all perfect.

Thanks for the reminder and the perfect start to my Monday. :-)

Anonymous said...

one of my bloggy friends chooses a single word to focus on for the year, which got me thinking what I might choose.

I came up with "evolution," to represent that I am working on change, but that I expect it to be gradual, which is a big difference from my usual impatience and perfectionism.

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhh......I like that single word focus idea!

In which case mine (and potentially yours) might wanna be 'persevere'?

It's hard to keep things 'right sized', ain't it.


evenshine said...

Glad you're enjoying your internship, and that you're not tearing your hair out in the parking lot every day after classes. It's the small things.

Pamela said...

You seem like a strong woman who can definitely rise to the 15 week challenge! :D

Love the "tiny crackers" idea. It's something I definitely need to keep in mind. Thank you.

Lamont said...

I also love the "Gripz" approach to SWB. Maybe next week I'll call mine croutons.

You'll get through the next several weeks of school - I have a good feeling about it.

Skeeter said...


Seems like a long time to me, but it only happens one day at a time, so good luck with it. You can do it!

Best wishes,


Pamela said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for inspiring me!

You may pick up your reward at:


poppy fields said...

Just stopping by to say hi. I have a sister who is counting the days down to graduation, too.

All Rileyed Up said...

Your student has a brilliant blog title. And what's wrong with a few pirouette cookies? :)

Maddy said...

Eating pirouette cookies! My goodness. Hope you didn't make the same mistake as my little thieves who whizzed away with the whole tin only to discover that they're not hollow and you can't suck milk through them!

Yes, it's all ups and downs isn't. Glad you're coming up on the credit side, again.