Monday, August 18, 2008

Wanted: Blog Recommendations

This is my last Monday of summer vacation. Next Monday I will be obligated to my new Diagnostic and Prescriptive Teaching of Reading class. I will also be taking an online class on the Foundations of Postsecondary Reading and Learning. I spent almost $400 on 7 books for both classes. Yikes! I'm glad I am getting a scholarship this semester. It will cover the cost of the books and a little more.

Between now and then, my goal is to FINALLY finish my case study for the class in which I took an Incomplete. I've had all summer to do it and I've managed to avoid doing it all summer. My school papers, books, etc., from last semester are a mess and it will take a couple of hours of sorting and filing before I can even dig out the old case study notes.

The house is not the worst it has been this year but there is laundry to do, dishes to do (by hand, the dishwasher is busted), bathrooms to clean, etc.


With all that to do and the semester coming up, I thought I'd do some more avoidance by asking for some blog recommendations. What is one blog you read and love that you think I would love to read?

P.S. I've avoided posting this because it has our last name on it, but what the heck. Here's someone I know and love...

Open Mic TV- Paul Bogan


Anonymous said...

I think you know Chani?

And Gwen

Beck said...

Argh, I'm not sure who you read. Email me your mainstays and I'll email you some recommendations!

EnnuiHerself said...

I don't personally read these blogs, but I think you might really enjoy them. I "know" the author from an internet forum. She's a mother, a published author, very spiritual/religious, and just seems like a very nice person overall.

The first blog is her personal blog and the second is her writing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the scholarship, lil' Miss Smarty Pants.

atypical said...

Tell Paul that listening to him always really makes me miss having a guitar player as a regular part of my life. :) I also like the song quite a bit.

I'm wondering how your case study is coming along.

I think you might like this blog (even though he provides a fast-track so that you don't have to do this, being like me, you may spend some time in the archives).


Arol said...

Hey there... if you want me write a story about Avatar I will, just let me know. And yes, I did take my story down. The only reason for that is because I didn't want other people to steal my ideas.


Lamont said...

Oh I've missed you! Best of luck in the new semester!

dan michael said...
mama will be happy!